KA Facebook Fanbox Pro

October 27th, 2013

KA Facebook Fanbox ProKA Facebook Fanbox Pro will take details of people from your Facebook and display them on your Joomla web site.

When the user clicks the like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website. People who visit their Facebook page will see they liked your website. Some of them will want to come over and check your site out. This means they will be sending traffic to your site from their Facebook page. As a result you get more visitors to your site.

These visitors from Facebook will come to your site because someone they know likes your site. This kind of recommendation is valuable. These visitors often spend more time on your site because they trust the opinion of their Facebook friends and contacts.

KA Facebook Fanbox Pro is a great way to stream your posts onto your website from Facebook. Letting visitors to your site know what’s going on. This saves you time because you don’t have to update your Joomla site. This module will do it automatically for you.

I’ve made this module as flexible as possible. So you can decide what you want to show and what you want to hide. How and where on your site you want to show it. Check out some samples on the demo page to see some example of how it looks.

Link your Joomla site to Facebook today with Facebook Fanbox Pro. Buy it today and start enjoying more social interaction with your site visitors.

Some Features and Benefits

-Display as many fans as you like. You choose how many fans you want to display in your fan box.
-Configure width and height. Lets you decide how big or small you want Facebook Fanbox Pro to be on your website page. Letting you make better use of the space on your site.
-Customisable link You can add a link at the bottom of the Facebook Fanbox to send user to another relevant interesting location of your choice
-You control the connection to Facebook. This gives you the option to Enable/Disable connection as you choose. Useful for developers.
-Supports all major browsersMaking it more attractive to visitors who use different browsers.
-Language supportIt can display all the major world languages, including right to left text.
-Choose your own font styleThis will let you match the font to the rest of your website giving you a consistent look to your website.
-Customise boarder and background colourMaking your fan box blend in more attractively with the rest of you webpage.
-No advertising and no links to the developer’s site. You decide if you want to put a link to the developer’s site at the bottom of the module, or to some other site.

Click the images bellow to view enlarge screen shots or try out the demo by clicking the demo button above.