April 18th, 2013

KeyCAPTCHAKeyCAPTCHA – CAPTCHA with social features. You may support charity funds by using KeyCAPTCHA.
Unlike many other captchas, it does not require any text typing.

Free Variants of Using KeyCAPTCHA:
1. Anti-spam protection. Social advertising. Monetization through commercial ads.
2. Anti-spam protection. Monetization through commercial ads.
3. Anti-spam protection. Social advertising.
4. Anti-spam protection without any ads.

Social features:
You may support charity funds by enabling social advertising in KeyCAPTCHA. Also you can earn money by specifying social and commercial advertising shares in KeyCAPTCHA on your website.

Integration with Joomla extensions:
* Standard Joomla Registration, Contact Us, Reset Password and Remind Username forms
* JComments
* VirtueMart forms: Registration, Checkout, Ask Question !!!
* JoomShopping
* Community Builder (CB comprofiler) Registration and Forgot login forms
* JomSocial registration form
* AlphaRegistration
* K2 Registration form
* DFContact
* ALFcontact
* Phoca Guestbook
* Easybook Reloaded
* K2 Comments
* yvComment
* JXtened comments
* FlexiContact
* JoomlaDonation
* Compatible with RocketTheme templates
* ChronoForms (up to 3.x)
* AdsManager
* QContacts
* Job Board
* Mosets Tree (review form)
* HikaShop
* JWHMCS Integrator
* JoomGallery

KeyCAPTCHA Unique Technologies:
* Instead of guessing symbols, our CAPTCHA offers visitors to complete an easy interactive task.
* If KeyCAPTCHA hasn’t been solved correctly, page refreshing doesn’t take place that allows the user not to fill in the form repeatedly. It occurs since there is an initial checkup of CAPTCHAs in the KeyCAPTCHA servers before sending a filled-in form to the protected web server.
* Our CAPTCHA also can be used even if your hosting provider blocks all outgoing connections.

1. Register on and log-in to our site
2. Add your site URL to a Site list.
3. Follow the CAPTCHA installation instructions in our Wizard.

To upgrade KeyCAPTCHA plugin you have to uninstall the previous version.