June 25th, 2012

KMFasTrans FREEKMFasTrans FREE is a Joomla! Multi-Language manager, giving the user an easy and fast content translation experience. Based on the concept of a “Translaton Set” (a set of Joomla Items that are translations of the same content) it will allow you to view at a glance wich content is translated, to what languages, if it is published and many more.

KMFasTrans FREE runs under the Joomla administrator and relies on the native multilingual feature of Joomla. It will not interfere with the Joomla normal displaying of content because it doesn’t change the content at all. You can even uninstall KM FasTrans and everything will keep operating normally.

Key features of KMFasTrans FREE:

* Based on the concept of a “Translations Set”.
The main entity in KM FasTrans is a Translation Set. This is the set of items of the same type (articles, banners, categories,..) that are translations of the same content.
The Translation-Set contains details of the constituent elements, such as the item state, the time it was created, and so on., and also contains details of the set itself as the set status (Complete, Incomplete, Modified).
* One place integrated Language Management.
Almost everything related to languages (installed site, installed admin, content, translations) can be done from KMFasTrans in one place, and some functions ‘must’ be done in KMFasTrans, so you can disable the Joomla Language Manager if you want (we supply a plugin that allows that).
* Automatic preparation of site for multilanguage.
One click preparation of the site with the automatic creation of the default Menu, Menu Item, Module and Root Content Category for language ‘All’.
* At a glance view of sets of translations and its items.
One screen view of all sets and translations items of a type (articles, banners,…). You can even change the state of every item from this screen, change the status of the set and access to New/Edit screen and Set Details screen.
* Support of all translatable content.
All Joomla content that can be tagged by language is supported. This includes Articles, Banners, Categories, Contacts, Menus and Menu Items, Modules (all types), Newsfeeds and Weblinks.
* Management of Translations Sets (Manual).
A Translations Set is created when you pair at least two items, for instance, two articles with the same content, one in English and the other in Spanish. This is done manually clicking the assign icon. The status of a Translations Set just created will be ‘Not completed (unless there are two languages only). When you have added as many items to the Translations Set as published content languages, the translations set status will change to ‘Completed’.If you modify any item of the set the set status will become ‘Modified’. You can manually change the status of the set from ‘Modified’ to ‘Completed’.