KO Custom Gift Card

September 16th, 2013

KO Custom Gift CardThe component Ko! Custom Gift Certificate allows you to sell custom gift certificates (Vouchers) online and use them in store, plus it’s available even if you don’t have a shopping cart! The recipient receive the card by email and it’s ready to be use in your store or shopping cart.

What’s new in v1.7.0
You can now create new card (from the admin) without the Paypal process.
You can now re-send a card from the admin panel.
You can give your customers a discount on a regular gift card price.
You can setup the plugin to give a custom card amount, the customer choose what is the amount he or she want to give (between a set of value)
We have now the choice to put a expiration date, the purchase date, both or none.
Full integration with VirtueMart, RedShop and HikaShop
And much more…

How it works?

Let’s start with the users / purchasers of gift certificates on your website. Nothing is simpler. The transaction is done online, without waiting for delivery, whether you have an online store or not. Your customers can obtain a gift certificate from your company in 4 easy steps:

Choose a certificate template by clicking on the image of their choice.
Customize the gift certificate: select the amount to give, write a message, etc …
Choose whether you want to receive the certificate by email to print or send it directly to the recipient.
Preview the certificate and pay online by credit card or Paypal. It’s easy!

After the payment, the user or recipient (customer’s choice) will receive an email with the gift certificates as an image ready to print or save. The certificate will include a number or a unique bar code (administrator’s choice )to be used to control its use, and all this is done securely.

Your customers can choose from as many gift certificate templates as you want because you have complete control over the image files you want to integrate. The language files and most of the gift certificates’ format parameters can also be modified. You can also determine as many amounts to select from as you want.

Ko! Custom Gift Certificate is unique because it allows a customers to personalize their gift certificate by writing a message, selecting the image of their choice and determining the amount to offer. Since there is no delivery, Ko! Custom Gift Certificate is ideal for websites that want a way to increase impulse buys or offer last-minute gift ideas to its visitors.