Koparent Popular Adverts

July 12th, 2012

Koparent Popular AdvertsKoparent Popular Adverts is a native Joomla! 1.5.x/1.6.x/1.7.x/2.5.x module developed by Koparent Team.
Most popular adverts is presented in a table layout or vertical layout view. You can show to your customers brief overview of Koparent adverts and link it directly to the advert page.
You can see live demo of this module on our demo site ( installed on Joomla 1.5 ).

Installation & Upgrading

Download the last version of the module from the subscription page and install it using the default install procedure of Joomla!
You can easily configure module with there parameters:
Category – Select category if you would like to only pull adverts from specified category
Count – How many adverts to display in this module
Show Description – Display brief description of advert in a module?
Clean Description – This will attempt to format the description text in proper sentence case. Mainly for protection of your SEO if some advert descriptions are entered in all caps for example.
Hide sold – Hide sold adverts?
Show Banner – Show banners over thumbnail image?
Use Thumbnail – Set to yes to use the thumbnail image size, set to no to use the fullsize image
Hide No Results – Choose yes to hide the module if no results are found. If yes, the module will not display (dependent on template). If set to no the module will display with a message for no results found.
Module Class – A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable or div.moduletable), this allows individual module styling
Include Koparent CSS – Include the Koparent CSS? If this setting is disabled and you have ‘Show Banners’ enabled, you will need to create your own styles for the banner display. You may disable if you are not using the ‘Show Banner’ option
Thumb Image Width – Width of thumbnail image (Number only – no px or %)
Thumb Image Height – Height of thumbnail image (Number only – no px or %)
Border Color – The color of the borders
Layout – Select vertical or horizontal layout of adverts.
Columns – How many columns per row if using vertical layout.
Characters – How many text characters to show on advert overview text.