February 23rd, 2012

KuzuRegistration is a registration component forked from Alpharegistration. It has some added features, fixes some bugs, and uses the beautiful Moofloor Formcheck for JavaScript validation. Several people liked my changes and asked me to make it available.

Only English and Portuguese languages are currently available but it would not be hard to adapt it to new languages – I’ll do it on request.

A few features of Alpharegistration were removed since I found no use for them.

IMPORTANT: This component uses Mootools 1.2, so you should ENABLE the plugin ‘System – Mootools Upgrade’ – it’s a part of Joomla 1.5
in the latest versions. This might break some other extensions that use Mootools 1.1 so test your website first (if need be you can make
it work with the plugin disabled but it might be a bit of work).

This extension is new. If you find any a bug, EMAIL ME AND I’LL FIX IT. Don’t just leave a bad review because of a bug I can fix in 20 minutes.

Hope you like it and I’m looking forward to suggestions on where to go from here.
Any problems please email me at

Feature List:
* Mootools JS validation (using Moofloor Formcheck)
* Password strength meter
* reCaptcha
* Botscout
* Checks if username already exist using Ajax
* Checks if email already exist using Ajax
* Terms of Use
* Set minimum age for registration
* Filter emails by domain name (spam)
* Auto purge never connected users (spam)
* MVC Architecture