My Content & Workflow

December 19th, 2013

My Content & Workflow enhances your standard content in Joomla! with full features for content management. You can edit, publish, unpublish or approve your content status. The power to control your content from frontend is in your hand.

– Full features frontend content submission form of com_content
– Version control from frontend and collect detail of log files
– Approval request from frontend
– Enhanced workflow
– Display list of my contents from frontend
– Edit content from frontend by editor or uppers
– Author users edit their own articles configuration
– Approve content from frontend by publishers
– Version control
– Change permission of User to be Publisher by drop-down list or search by name/id

Update v2.4, v3.3
+ Added version request and version approve.
# Fixed dashboard admin xml version check.
# Fixed ACL for category permission.

Update v2.3, v3.2
^ Changed admin dashboard interface.
# Fixed save and close toolbar on Create article form menu type.
+ Added specify method categories for use submit content to in component options and basic options on Create article form menu type parameter.

Update v2.2 & v3.1
^ Changed component name to My Content & Workflow
# Fixed access level in itemcompare view.
# Fixed access level in item view.

Released v3.0
+ Added package for Joomla! 3.x

Update v2.1
# Fixed Bug : Hide joomla template default value that wrong.
+ Added : Configurable limit of versions to store.
+ Added suffix article id to Approval request message topic.

Update v2.0
# Fixed bug
# Fixed Joomla! 2.5 Support