Latest News Enhanced

December 26th, 2011

Latest News EnhancedLatest News Enhanced is an extended version of the latest news module included in Joomla!.


– Show a short introduction to the article text or choose to show its meta description (set the number of characters to show – 0 will hide the text),
– Show the author (name, alias or username),
– Show the date or how many days ago the article has been created/modified/published,
– Choose where to put the couple author/date,
– Choose between showing a calendar, the first article’s image or nothing,
– Set the positioning of the calendar or image relatively to the text,
– Set the sizes of the calendar or the image,
– Select the background image for the calendar or the default picture if no image is found in the article,
– Choose which date to show when opting for the calendar view (published, modified or created),
– Link to the article is optional, set your own label,
– and more…