Leo Userpanel Module

October 26th, 2011

You would not like to use a form login or register form as default of joomla, you want to spend many spaces for putting other other information on your site. This module is one of good choice for completing this idea. The module only display links looking as button or menu items, simple user only click to them so forms will show out to allow them entering required data.

– Module Features

# Support Login function and User Registration function
# Support three 3 effects for opening form:
– NoEffect: Click a button, the form will show without any effect
– FadeEffect: Opening with fade Effect
– SlideEffect: Opening with scroll up and scroll down form
– Modalbox: The Form will be showed in Modal box which supported by Joomla
– Support overriding them in Owner template or inside this module
– 100% table-less, validation CSS, HTML following W3C
– Fast-Loading Layout