Let It Snow… Faster!

December 20th, 2011

In the spirit of the holiday season, we offer a new HTML5 experience that makes the most of your PC hardware and the new touch capabilities in Windows 8.

Check out Let It Snow and get ready for a GPU-powered snow storm. This experience brings together hardware-accelerated HTML5 canvas, SVG, CSS, and more. On Windows Developer Preview with support for multi-touch in IE10, you can reach out and brush the snow off the sign and reveal a holiday message -or just use your mouse. If you think your browser can keep up, kick it up to 1000 snowflakes. If it’s more of a flurry than a blizzard, try it with IE9 (or IE10) using the hardware acceleration built into the browser.

Earlier this year we showed the first look at IE10, which offers more and more of the site ready HTML5 developers are asking for, so they can build beautiful and interactive Web experiences. With the Windows Developer Preview, we introduced more hardware-accelerated HTML5 for building touch friendly applications on the Web. We’re delighted and amazed by what developers are building on HTML5 and excited to be part of it.

Thank you!

Your participation and feedback is an important part of how we build IE. Today we want to say thank you to everyone who browses the Web with IE9, downloads the IE10 previews, runs the test drives, and reports issues on Connect. We also want to thank the people and groups who make the standards process work, the broad community of Web developers, and enthusiastic consumers who work to move the Web forward.

From the entire IE team, we wish you a Happy Hardware-accelerated Holiday Season, and we look forward to another exciting year on the Web in 2012.

—Rob Mauceri, Group Program Manager, Internet Explorer