Like a breath of fresh air

June 12th, 2013

Rolling out to auto-update as we speak. Like a breath of fresh spring air. You may already have it. It’s this week’s Opera Next release. The new release have, among other things, the following notable improvements:

  • faster loading of Speed Dials
  • more sensitive mouse gestures
  • safe saving of favorites on exit (Speed Dials, Stashes)
  • proxy aware auto-updating


If you had problems importing your profile with the last release, you can try to reimporting your old Opera 12 profile with this release. Go to opera:about, take a note of your profile folder path, quit Opera Next, delete the profile folder, and run the application again. We’re interested in feedback on how well it did compared to the previous release.


Opera Next for Windows

Opera Next for Mac

Full changelog for 15.0.1147.56