Linkedin jobs for Company

February 26th, 2012

Linkedin jobs for a company is a simple module from codeboxr that shows linkedin jobs for your company in a module position. Before check our module details we will recommend you to check the plugin overview page in linkedin. If you want to show feature jobs at your company or best jobs in linkedin, personalized for each person visiting your site and eager to boost your site engagement with personalized job listings then using this module you can do so without any hazards.

Available Options :
= List All Linkedin Jobs
= List Your Company Jobs
= Default Module parameters

Module class suffix
= Caching yes/no
= Caching time

What’s special in this module ?
=For Linkedin method-Synchronous/Asynchronous way of injecting javascript. Asynchronous way will help for lazy loading the box and browser will not hang to load it.
=Avoid adding js in Nroaml JS mode
=Language selection option.