Linkedin Shortcode Widgets

April 8th, 2012

WordPress like shortcode based Linkedin content plugins are same linkedin widgets that we developed as module. Here you can add the Linkedin widgets in content using easy tag/shortcode.

Supported Linkedin plugins that works out of the box.
* Member Profile
* Company Insider
* Company Profile

Supported Components

* Joomla default content(com_content)
* K2 CCK(com_k2)

Basic Joomla specific Features

* Enable/disable in Popup
* Enable/disable in Ajax request
* Enable/disable in RSS request
* Enable/Disable in home page and also skip by item ids

Default Joomla Content Component & K2 Component specific Features

* Enable/disable in category view
* Enable/disable in section view(j1.5 version only)
* Enable/disable in categories view
* Enable/Disable for specific section(j1.5 only) and category

Other Linked specific features, see screenshot bellow:

Synchronous/Asynchronous way of injecting javascript. Asynchronous way will help for lazy loading the box and browser will not hang to load it.
Avoid adding js in Nroaml JS mode
Language selection option.

Short Code Usages

Suppose need to show Company profile wigdet, here the shortcode
{cblinkedin widgettype=CompanyProfile dataidcp=2282648}
cblinkedin = shortcode for linkedin widget, mendatory

widgettype = widgettype, default value is “MemberProfile” for member profile, more available “CompanyInsider” for company insider and “CompanyProfile” for company profile.

MemberProfile :

{cblinkedin widgettype=MemberProfile dataidmp= showrelatedmp=0 jsaddmethod=1}

dataidmp = member profile url, example:
showrelatedmp = show related or not, value 0 or 1 , default 1, optional, can be set from plugin setting
jsaddmethod = javascript add method, sync or async. optional, can be set from plugin setting.

One more short example: {cblinkedin widgettype=MemberProfile dataidmp=}