Linkedin Updates for Jomsocial

August 28th, 2012

How to show Linkedin Updates within JomSocial, the most popular Community Component of Joomla?

Our Linkedin Updates for JomSocial JomSocial Addon is geared to fulfill this need, using which you can show updates from Linkedin within your JomSocial profile and community wall.

Why you should use it? This is a great solution to let other members of your community to get to know your professional updates, networks and status. This greatly improve your connectivity and networking capacity. This is one is very easy to implement both for JomSocial Admins as well as members of JomSocial.

It comes with 3 styles: Gray, Dark and Plain to suit your site’s look and style.



+ Linkedin connect for user for status update to linkedin
+ Show linkedin updates as widgets
+ Widget has two section one for showing the connection statistic and another part is showing the recent updates(user’s share and status update in linkedin)
+ Core Application select-ability: yes/no
+ Caching: No/Global
+ Language Pack enabled: English is provided as default


+ 3 Style for Lists: Gray, Dark and Plain
+ Rounded corner: yes/no
+ 3 Position control for Admin: Main, Sidebar top, Sidebar bottom