LinkedIn Widget Slider

October 2nd, 2013

LinkedIn Widget SliderLinkedIn is a popular social networking site, but it is far different from your Facebook or your Twitter. Designed to help business professionals connect with one another, LinkedIn provides a free platform in which you can see yourself while also learning of new positions that are available, connecting with others in the same industry and so much more. If you are a business professional you should have an account with LinkedIn, just as you should have the Linkedin Widget Slider.

The LinkedIn Widget Slider is a awesome tool that enables visitors on your site to keep track of your LinkedIn posts and updates as well as the available jobs in this particular industry, job searching tips and more. It is right there on your site, but it doesn’t take up any room, as it is a mere icon until it is hovered over.

Trying to decide if you should use the YouTube slider on your site? Take a look at all of the wonderful benefits that come along with LinkedIn Widget Slider.

i) Benefits everyone – Not only can you see all of the jobs that are available, so can all of the visitors to your site. It is a tough economy, and one in which we must help other. What better way to do this?
ii) Easy to use – The LinkedIn Widget Slider is easy to use for both the consumer as well as the website owner.
iii) No cost – No worries over the cost, as Joomla website owners can download and install this awesome LinkedIn Widget Slider at absolutely no cost.
iv) Full Support Provided – day in and day out, you are protected with a helping hand who happens to be more than knowledgeable in this subject. 24 hour support is available for six months after downloading.
v) Provide Information – You can post a ton of informative details on your slider, all of which is within easy access of all who visit your site.
vi) Updates –You are also going to benefit with the Linkedin widget. You can make updates to your profile, check messages, respond to others and more after this great widget is installed.
vii) More Connections – When you have LinkedIn right on your site you can gain more connections and together you can all find the jobs that you really want.
viii) jQuery enabled but can easily be disabled if you would like.
ix) Slideshow Feature – the slideshow feature makes it easy for consumers to access what they want quickly and easily, highlighting to them all that you are offering.
x) Highlight other social media sties – If you have a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account, or I f you write a blog, having the LinkedIn Widget Slider enables you to connect to everyone with just a few clicks.
xi) Great design shows only a LinkedIn icon unit it is hovered upon.

There are a number of other features and benefits that will come your way with the LinkedIn Widget Slider, including those listed above. Do not miss out on those benefits for yourself.