Links on React and JavaScript

October 1st, 2021

  • How To Use The Vite Build Tool with ReactVite is hot, in part, because it’s based on esbuild and wickedly fast. It’s from Evan You of Vue fame, but it’s not a Vue-specific tool. Here, NARUHODO covers how to configure it to work with React.
  • React Architecture: How to Structure and Organize a React Application — Tania Rascia with “an opinionated guide” on project structure. Looks pretty nice to me. I like the @ import aliases. Looks like it would support a monorepo-type environment pretty well. I also like the distinction between global vs. reusable components (called just “components” here) and views vs. pages. I’d probably separate into three: Library Components (no global state, no queries/mutations, more design-y and intentionally reusable), Project Components (business logic, global state, not very reuable), and Pages (routing concerned).
  • What’s NOT new in React 18 — Benny Powers is a little salty about React’s lack of <web-components /> support. I agree it’s unfortunate, as web components do some things really well and React does some things really well and it would be nice to see them make buddies.
  • How React got Traction — A bit of irony when considering the above link… Shawn Wang and Pete Hunt talk on this podcast about the history of React and how it came to be so popular: “How React overcame its haters: by listening.”
  • Compound Components In React — Ichoku Chinonso covers this super useful pattern. Some components are built from a bucket of other little components (think Tabs, TabBar, Tab, TabPanels, TabPanel) and, with the Compound Component model, you get more flexibility, logical importing, and usage of the whole lot. I’m curious about the origins of this pattern. I know Ryan Florence was talking about it in 2017, and I first saw them via this Kent Dodds post. Googlin’ around, there are loads of random articles about it. Maybe it comes from deeper computer science concepts?
  • The Perils of Rehydration — Josh Comeau covers a bug that I’ve had to fight against multiple times in the last few weeks: React looking like it’s completely pooping the bed on constructing the DOM. Like elements that are clearly nested properly in the JSX appearing in parent elements, or like you’ve forgotten to close half your dang HTML elements and the browser is majorly confused. The problem comes from trying to do server-side rendering (SSR) and client-side rendering (CSR), which confuses the rehydration. The DOM from the SSR doesn’t match when CSR takes over. Fortunately, there is some fairly straightforward trickery to fix it.