Linky Map

December 9th, 2013

Linky MapHave you ever wanted to display a clean & well designed map on your website? Now it becomes true without any custom development and without any flash technology! Get the most advanced vector map generator for Joomla with unique features.

Linky Map is using data from Google Geochart to generate map with custom marker, region colored and with tooltips. You can create a hundred of custom maps even more. All the world, all the regions are included, just imagine and create your map. The customization of a map can be done on a single view.

Create your map, add marker or region, add tooltips and links and enjoy!

Main advantages:

Add custom marker on maps
Add custom colored regions on maps
Display tooltip on region or markers
Customize tooltips with tile and description text
Display with a HTML sidebar description for region or marker
Display as a module
Compatible Joomla 2.5 & 3.0
Maps always up-to-date based on Google Geo chart
Google predictive search for markers
Responsive map design
No complex parameters
Color picker for region or map marker
Choose the size of the map
Each country can be divided by region