Linux WebM Labs, minor update

May 22nd, 2010

When we initially announced WebM support some Linux users may have found that the builds provided did not work for them. However, we have subsequently made a small tweak to the Linux packages so that they should now work on a wider range of distros. If WebM support wasn’t working for you before on Linux, then please re-download the package and try again.

As always the best way to test an experimental build is to run Opera ‘in place’. To use a package in this way, from the terminal enter the following:

$ tar xf opera-10.54-21867-webm.i386.linux.tar.bz2 
$ opera-10.54-21867-webm.i386.linux/opera &

(This assumes a 32-bit system. Adjust accordingly if you have a 64-bit system).

If you want to install the Linux build alongside your main Opera Linux install, use the included install script and specify a suffix of webm, as follows:

$ opera-10.54-21867-webm.i386.linux/install --suffix webm

If you continue to have problems playing video, ensure that you have all the required video dependencies installed. See “Using video with Opera 10.50 on Linux/UNIX” for more information.

WARNING: This is an experimental Labs release. It may contain severe bugs and cause data loss. Or it may just provide great HTML5 video support.