List Manager

December 4th, 2013

LIST MANAGER allows to build different lists for your site.

Define your own input user form (Types, size, order, validations,autofitler, default values).

Show a complete manager for you & your users at the front end.

Add/Edit/Delete records in a very simple way.

Search/Order and pagination utilities.

Export records to PDF and Excel format.

Parameter configuration to show ‘read only’ lists.

Adding own css provided.

Import/export CSV data &record management from backend.

User restricted access to own records.

Access control list to configure rights for joomla user groups.

Configure different views for same list.

New Card and Shop list type, with new ‘Buy now’ Paypal button.

Comparative Module for Cards and Shop type.

Search and filter module.

Default order in Lists and Views by more than one field.

‘Readmore’ feature for text fields.