Live Assistant

January 10th, 2013

Live Assistant is the first fully NOT HOSTED live support component! Everything is on your Joomla installation, no fees for servers and hosted solutions service, everything is completely on your hand and with no limits!

Live Assistant is a powerful support and assitance system component for Joomla. You can interact with customers with a easy to use chat system increasing sales and customers satisfaction.

Live Assistant has many advanced features like real time stats panel to monitor everything is happening on your website, analytics stats, agents management, integrated ticketing system, graphical charts, PDF exporting and many more!

Live Assistant functionalities
• Agents management, you can choose what users can have the role of agents and serve incoming cutomers
• Customers groups management, you can choose what groups of your Joomla system have to be considered valid incoming customers. By default guest users and low level ‘Registered’ users are considered target customers
• Offline mode, when no agents are online the component automatically enters in offline mode showing a form to let customers leave a message that you can track and answer from administration
• Messages administration listing, you can view, delete and export all exchanged messages between users
• Offline messages administration listing, you can view, delete and export all exchanged messages leaved by customers during the offline mode period
• Integrated ticketing system for offline messages, the component is capable of sending responses to customers that leaved a message during the offline mode simply entering in message admin area; moreover responses to a question are stored for a history display
• Realtime stats tracking, in admin area am agent with right permission can see in realtime what’s going on site, with detailed graph stats and listing
• Realtime information for agents in frontend chat, an agent can watch in realtime the page the customers is on, and know the geolocation/language of incoming customers to choose appropriate language to contact him
• Analytics stats, the component elaborates stats data by period, involving visited page, numbers of visitors, avarage time/visit data, and generate advanced graph data also exportable in PDF format
• Suggestions system for agents, admins can prepare a set of suggestions that an agent can use from frontend chat system to answer customers with standard phrases
• Skype integration, an agent available on skype can decide to be called directly by customers that will see an icon to start the skype audio/video call ( only If customers have skype installed on their pc )
• files sharing/exchange between users with Drag and Drop HTML5 feature if supported,
• integrated avatar management with re-size/crop
• automatic avatars generation if none provided by users,
• chat conversation exporting feature in text format,
• Emoticons with option to select image directly from the pop-up or write the shortcut