Live Conference

May 14th, 2013

Live ConferenceConference component allows to conduct online sessions among the selected amount of users. One of participants with the teacher status manage online trainings or live meetings. This up-to-date web extension main advantage is real time sharing tool.

Live Conference product was developed as one of E-learning solution. I.e. there should be the master and the participants. But at the current moment you can use it with different purposes.

Easy communication is provided with audio and video support.
NOTE: FMS hosting is required for the proper component’s work.

In addition there’s a chat pane, where users can exchange messages. But what’s more important the conference window allows to work with files with a special toolbar for drawing. It also allows video files playback during the conference (swf format only).

Users may access the joomla conference archive, where they can play back the recorded conferences. The teachers of conferences can publish or unpublish and delete the records.

Users may join conferences in the corresponding section. All the announcements are listed; a teacher may also create, edit or delete the announcements. Moreover, Hide Unavailable Conference option helps users to keep the track of events.

A registered user may send a request to join a certain online presentation. A teacher may either accept or deny the access. The teacher’s answers are sent via email.

Front-end Management allows a user manage the conference from FE! One requirement is the set rights.

Collaborate with all world! Use your computer, Internet connection and be in the movement.

Do you need to organize a meeting, lecture or family council?
Do you want to talk with your friends?

Use Live Conference application and any distance means nothing for your colleagues, students, friends, relatives… Don’t lose so expensive time! Get the benefits! New opportunities are yours with us.