Lof K2 Flash Accordion Module

September 24th, 2011

Flash Slideshow works on k2 component

* The module has Version 1.x for Joomla! 1.5 Native, and version 2.x for joomla 1.6, 1.7 and PHP version greater than 5.x
* Get Source From the K2 Component, File Source, Images Source
XML driven flash image / picture / photo banner rotator
Displays JPG images, GIF images, PNG images and SWF files
Auto play option to play like banner rotator automatically according to the timer or manually change items by roll overing on items
Time period for each item is set in the XML file (second based)
Timer clock to display elapsed time period
You can change timer clock horizontal position to “left | center | right”, vertical positions to “top, center, bottom”
URL links & targets for each banner when pressed set in XML file
Rounded corner radius for soften edges
You can set item order random from XML (randomize=”true”
You can show/hide saturation / greyscale of items
You can change animation time, easing / transition type
Title / content font, background alpha, colors set in XML
Special / accent characters are supported
You can change title Y position to bottom | top
You can show / hide title in content
Item position set in XML (left | center | right)
You can keep the image open or return to default state after roll out of the accordion
You can set panning on/off for large images
You can set bg alpha 0 for transparent texts
Supports HTML formatting