Lof Showcase

January 2nd, 2012

Lof Showcase Component is developed by Landofcoder This component provides multiple templates like: Blog, News, Website showcase. Using one template with configuration, you can create any type of showcase such as: news/magazine site, product catalogs, product slideshow, download or document manager, directory listing …. Lof Showcase component supports up to 3 level of configuration: menu level, category level and article level.

Lof showcase component supports additional configuration fields for article image, videos, attachment ….). Especially, Items in back-end are organized in a well defined structure so that managing huge number of items, uploaded images … is never easier.

There are multiple extensions ( lof showcase slideshow, ….) embedded in the component. Once you install the component, the embedded extensions are also installed.

There will be more and more extensions that will go with the component. Now, let’s explore how amazed the component can do for your site. Come.See.Download.Explore