Lots of little fixes can result in a big improvement

May 12th, 2010

Another new snapshot just one day after the last one!

This snapshot is particularly good news for our FreeBSD and Linux users, since it includes fixes to a number of irritating issues. We’d encourage *nix users to scan through the change log below. We have also made builds available on Windows and Mac. Whilst not much has changes for you guys there is a cross platform fix on mail, so if you were experiencing mail crashes this might be a good build to test.

With regards to bigger outstanding issues on UNIX (Plugin performance improvements [including Java], IME, fixes to fonts), these issues are being worked on, however we still need more time before we can share with you the fruits of our labour. Thanks for your patience!

Remember to keep comments relevant, descriptive and brief, and avoid repetition of issues that have alread been reported. Your comments may be removed if they are off-topic.

UNIX Known Issues

WARNING: This is a development snapshot with the latest changes. It may contain severe bugs and cause data loss. Or it may be all you have ever wanted.