Love Factory

October 2nd, 2013

Love Factory is dating and matching Joomla Extension, with fully editable member pages and configurable fields which can be set by the administrator.

The main features of the component are:

* Member Pages with fully configurable fields!
* Photo and Video Gallery
* Comment System (page owner can delete any comment on his page or report them to the admin)
* Messaging System (users can create, send and receive personal messages)
* Interaction System (sending kisses between user)
* Rating System
* Friends List (including pending requests; user can set the page status visible only for friends)
* Ignore List (to avoid spamming or any unwanted contact)
* Advanced Search (to find friends or matches after certain criteria like gender, age, etc., criteria which are fully configurable by the administrator from the existing page fields.
* Radius Search (using Google maps).
* Membership Plans with integrated Payment Gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, Sagepay (support for one till four membership-level, so that users can upgrade their account in order to receive a higher number of allowed photo and friends. For each level, differentiated prices can be set, depending on the time period. The membership plans feature can be enable or disabled by the administrator.)
* Smarty-based Templating System (can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.)

The Administrator of the system has the following features enabled:

* Dashboard. The dashboard displays different statistics, user count and levels, latest users, latest payments, latest reports.
* User List. Configurable member level, ban option and user details including Reports & Payments.
* Reports List. Administrator can see reports, act (ban, send warning, delete) and set their status.
* Payments. List of existing payments where the administrator can edit the status in case they require manual approval (for payments with IPN, but as pending, processing, etc.)
* Page Fields. The administrator can create custom fields, define there type (text area, dropdown, checkbox, radiobox, etc.), set them as required and specify the parameters. Another very important feature is that the administrator can set what custom fields are visible on certain pages. Also to easy the work, a drag&drop method is available here.
* Pricing. Membership levels (up to four) can be created, where different prices on each level can be set, for certain time periods.

Various settings for the Love Factory extension are also available on the component backend under the Settings Page.