November 28th, 2013

LunchboxLunchbox is a Joomla extension for canteens, schools, delivery services, etc.

– Available languages: English, German, Italian, Czech
– Publishing of a 7 days-weekly menu card including a calendar week filter
– Print preview of the menu card in frontend
– Ordering fucntionality for registered users
– Ordered meals will be highlighted (color can be changed in CSS file)
– Library for ingredients which can be assigned to meals
– Possibility to add an unlimited number of options for each meal
– Individual notifications
– Library for all available meals
– Easy creation of weekly wenu cards by selection of meals direct from the library
– Up to 10 meals can be added to each day
– Up to 10 different and individual price categories can be configured (e.g. Guest, employee)
– Each user will be assigned to one of these categories and the user itself only see the price of his category
– An own currency can be configured
– An order deadline can be configured (e.g. The user can order until Friday, 12am for the next week, other deadlines: daily, manually)
– Credit / Prepaid functionality (recharging must be done manually, no interface to a cash system!)
– The administrator can change orders after the deadline expired
– For each day a special text can be added (e.g. Holidays, Christmas…)
– Possibility to add own Terms and Condition
– Show / Hide image, description, prices, ingredients
– Check for new version
– Module “daily offers”

A lot of reports included:
– Number of ordered meals per week (summarised by meals)
– Number of ordered meals for each week and user including the total price
– Accounting report (Overview of all ordered meals (prices) for each user and calendar week), filterable by firm and calendar week, marking of paid/unpaid bills
– “Daily orders”
– All reports can be exported to the .xls format
– Print preview of each report