Mac plug-in support for the Cocoa Event model and the Core Animation drawing model

August 5th, 2011

Hello World.

We have quite a big change for you in the Mac plug-in department. Most major plug-in vendors now support more than the older Core Graphics drawing model (let alone classic QuickDraw), and new development in the area is expected to support Core Animation. We’ve modernized and have adopted Core Animation and the Cocoa Event model. Practically, this means we should get better performance when scrolling on pages with supported plug-ins, and that plug-ins can draw directly on the graphic card. Thus off-loading the CPU.

Other platforms should also test in case of any plug-in related regressions.

Known issues

  • Deattached Certificate with issues warning dialog may crash
  • [Mac] Flash settings and permission overlay dialogs not accepting clicks in Flash Player for OS Lion Beta

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.