Macrotone JAudit

October 25th, 2013

Macrotone JAuditMacrotone Joomla Audit is a support system component, that provides details of changes made upon the underlying database tables.

This tool creates ‘change history’ / ‘audit’ records upon selected table field changes, chosen by the Joomla administrator. It does not make any changes to the Joomla core code since all changes are ‘captured’ by underlying database triggers upon the tables. The component both creates and removes the triggers upon the component settings.

The current version runs only upon MySQL databases and required that the Joomla connection user has the ‘TRIGGER’ privilege granted within the MySQL database.

NOTE: Not all hosting providers grant their clients this particular privilege, in which situation the component will give a message upon installation and the installation will fail.

Uninstalling the component will remove all trace of the component as well as removing the database triggers created by the component.


* No core Joomla core modifications required.

* Independant of any other installed component.

* Captured change data is language independant.

* Back end access only. No front end connectivity.

* Leverages the strength of the underlying MySQL database features.

* Monitors INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data changes.

Simple but powerful.