Magento Included in Forrester’s ‘Market Overview: Global eCommerce Solutions’ Report

January 5th, 2010

In a recent report released by Forrester Research on the topic of Global eCommerce Solution, Magento was highlighted as ‘unique among the array of different eCommerce technology providers … [with] traction across the globe, [and] a growing international developer community creating a set of country-specific Web sites, [for such] global clients like The North Face and Skype.

Global businesses face a variety of challenges in building and operating successful international Web sites. Key to all global initiatives, however, is an internationally savvy technology partner: Businesses must ensure that their eCommerce solutions can handle their evolving global demands. Companies evaluating global vendors will need to assess solution providers’ ability to handle translated, localized content effectively as well as their ability to support additional localization in areas such as currency conversion and payments.

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