Magic Grid Slider

December 19th, 2013

Magic Grid SliderMagic Grid Slider is a dynamic photo gallery, which can give your site a better image. With just three clicks on the image, your visitors will be able to choose if they want to hide/show controllers or to display image descriptions. It’s very easy to use and integrate into your Joomla website.

New Feature: From now you have possibility to load multiple instances of the same module on the same website!!!

Features :

Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF);
You can change the font size & color for title and content;
You can set the images time;
You can set the grid rows & colums;
You can choose two effects transitions for each image (In or Out);
You can choose five effects directions for each image (Up/Down/Left/Right/Center);
Default status bar with three options (Hide/Only Controllers/Controllers and Info);
Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ);
Autoplay, Effect Speed and Delay settings;
Super easy to use!