Magic Map Detail

August 23rd, 2013

Magic Map DetailA very nice and useful module that alowes you to pinpoint special interest points on a predefined map, you can add descriptions, photos or video to each location.


Supports images (JPG, PNG, GIF);
Support Movie (FLV);
Support special characters (âùæçéèêëîïôœûüÜÛÙŒÔÏÎËÊÈÉÇÆÄÂÀ);
Content point text colors;
Ability to move points anywhere on the map (axis x/y);
Enable/Disable – Every Point;
Super easy to use.

NEW FEATURE1: Now you can locate the points of interest with maximum accuracy (see DEMO 3)!
NEW FEATURE2: You have two colors for points (see DEMO 1 and Demo 2)!
NEW FEATURE3:From now you have possibility to load multiple instances of the same module on the same website!!!