Magic Scroll

March 21st, 2012

Magic ScrollShow your visitors lots of product images quickly and easily. Scroll images from left to right either on click or automatically using this elegant carousel effect.

Perfect for these uses:

# Related products
# Special offers
# New items
# Bestsellers
# People who bought this also bought
# Multiple images of a product
# News items
# Plus any other time you need to slide content


# Slide up / down / left / right
# Any number of images
# Slide animations, text or HTML content
# Combine with other tools e.g. Magic Zoom
# Totally customisable
# API for advanced setup
# Support available by email

Download Magic Scroll now!


This component is free to use under Artistic License 2.0, GPL. Magic Scroll is licensed separately and is available free for NON-COMMERCIAL sites and requires a paid license for COMMERICAL sites.


1. Download the module.
2. Go to the admin area of your Joomla website.
3. Select the menu ‘Extensions’ > ‘Install/Uninstall’.
4. In the ‘Upload Package File’ section click ‘Browse…’ and select the zip file that you downloaded in step 1. Then click ‘Upload File & Install’ button.
5. To configure Magic Scrollâ„¢ settings, select the menu ‘Extensions’ – > ‘Module Manager’. Click the link ‘Magic Scroll module for Joomla’. Choose your options and set Enabled to Yes.


1. Go to the admin area of your Joomla website.
2. Select the menu ‘Content’ – > ‘Article Manager’.
3. Create a new article.
4. Give it a ‘Title’ and select a ‘Section’ (e.g. ‘News’) and a ‘Category’ (e.g. ‘Latest’).
5. Create a div like so:

6. Click the ‘Insert/Edit image’ button to add an image inside the div.
7. Repeat the previous step to add all the images you want in your scroll.
8. Save your article.
9. Now you can see Magic Scroll in action on your Joomla website!


Free support is available – follow the support link.