Mail Collector

April 18th, 2013

Mail CollectorCollect the emails of your site visitors, and store them in your database!

You can choose to organize different lists of emails, and export each list independently to a CSV file.

The extension is composed by a frontend page that asks the user the email address, customizable as it can be seen in the image of the option here on the right. Then there’s a backend interface to manage those emails, delete the fake ones, export the ones you’re interested in.

Optionally you can choose to redirect people to an address you want them to visit, so you can for example collect emails before showing some special content.

Examples of what can it be used for:
– Gather a list of clients
– Put up a mailing list subscription interface
– Create anticipation over a future product, and collect emails of prospects
– Offer premium content to your users in exchange of their email address