Mail Order Manager for Virtuemart

May 24th, 2013

Mail Order Manager for VirtuemartGet your virtuemart based ecommerce, mail order & catalog business on the road to success with Virtuemarts’ own Mail Order Manager.

Place orders for your customer while they are on the phone

Simple To Use Administrator Control Panel

Place orders for your customer while they are on the phone. Use paypal, paypalpro or for payment, as well as standard shipping, UPS, or FEDex. Installs and functions as a joomla component. Simple to use, just follow the order process on the component and you can complete your customers orders with ease using our unique one page checkout process.

Modeled After Commercial Mail Order Managers

Now you can place phone, email, or mail orders directly into your VirtueMart based store. This does not change the frontend functions at all, customers can place their own orders as they normally do. We found commercially available Mail Order managers, and incorporated the best features into this component .

This is a back end administration component.