Mail panel takes center stage

September 8th, 2010

Hi! In this build, we present to you a new Mail panel with more functionality. And there is more, so read on below.

The Mail Panel

With this new Mail panel, you can decide for yourself what items to show, and in what order. Not using the ‘Attachments’? Just hide it. Want your IMAP account on top? Just drag it up. Etc. Furthermore, you can now create folders to organize your mailing list and newsfeeds, which is great for users who have many of them. It is also possible to select in each category (like Attachments, Labels, Feeds, etc) which individual items to show and which items to hide.

Speaking about feeds, you now will get the Mail panel for easy switching between feeds, without having to set up any mail accounts. As long as you don’t set up a mail account, the panel will only contain your feeds with a dedicated toolbar and context menu :wizard:

Other changes are the automatic appearance of the Mail panel whenever you switch to a mail tab – and automatically returning to the previous state of the panels when moving back to a not-mail tab. Also, POP accounts have gained Inbox and Sent views for themselves.

This is phase one of the mail panel work. Phase two is now being worked on, and will see a better UI for Filters/Labels/Searches, support for feed folders in OPML import/export, a nicer look especially for Mac, and a better way to deal with multiple mail accounts (which can currently take up a lot of vertical space). So stay tuned, and tell us what you think of phase one!

More news

  • A big Core update. This means that the Presto version number is now updated to 2.6.34. Apart from various fixes, there is also a improved opera:plugins page.
  • MSI upgrades should now work again!
  • The Unix people worked on the packaging for Unix builds (including smaller deb and tar packages, better integration with desktop environments and window managers after initial install and new –prefix and –repackaging options for the tar packages).
  • Start bar blankness should be cured.
  • Mac fixes
  • And a bunch of other fixes.

Known regressions

  • page resizing is broken
  • DSK-312728 (Text selection visually wrong)
  • DSK-311692 (Crash when opening from download dialog directly into Opera)
  • DSK-312506 (Cannot modify the spam filter)
  • DSK-312575 (Dragging parent feed folder into third level child causes a freeze)
  • DSK-312788 [Mac] (New windows opened from keyboard opens with empty workspace)
  • DSK-312014 [Mac] (Mail panel heading flicker on hover)
  • DSK-312713 [*nix] (Crash on Dragging)

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


Note: If you are looking for a PowerPC build, please see our earlier blog post.