December 16th, 2013

Mailshot component for Joomla 2x/3x – check out the DEMO!

+ Email all of your registered users
+ HTML formatted emails
+ Embed images as attachments
+ No more “View remote content?” from email clients
+ Simple but powerful website interface
+ View history of mailshots sent
+ Merge user data with content to give a personalised touch
+ Send attachments, uses jQuery multiple file uploader
+ Add a signature
+ Edit users’ names and emails directly from the list
+ Tag users to create email lists
+ Fully Ajax driven; never leave the page

* v1.1.3 fixes the missing DS constant for Joomla 3.2
This version uses 2 plugins to get the emails from either the users table or the contacts table. Make sure to publish these plugins and then select from the dropdown in the Mailshot menu item which one to use in the frontend.