MailFast JLEX

April 21st, 2013

MailFast is an application extension for Joomla.It is an indispensable tool in marketing, MailFast helps you to manage and access to potential customers.

It’s main functions include:
Begin a new campaign:
-Unlimited email recipients.
-Quick mail merge
-Quick And Easy Custom Templates
-Allowed attachments
-Option mailer: System, Mail Path or SMTP.
-Checking status SMTP server.
-Action a campaign via your browser or your host (CRON JOB)
-Show process directly if action via browser
Manage campaigns:
-Show a campaign progress with progress bar
-View result of campaign: Total send, number of sent, success …
-View detail of campaign: Total click, who click and rate click.
-Add/delete campaign
Manage contact:
-Create easly and quickly a contact group. (With avatar)
-Subcribe/Unsubcribe members
-Edit more member at a time.
Import contact:
-Support csv,txt file (UTF-8) with large file.
-Show directly result import
-Provide two methods: Advance (Upload file) and basic (Same excel)
-Support two format: HTML and Plantext.
-Auto convert HTML to Plantext if seleted.
-Add/Edit and delete
-Edit footer subcribe mail.
-Member can subcribe/unsubcribe
-Members can update their information if confirm link throught mail
Custom form subcribe