November 28th, 2013

MailOrderNew: Mail Order is now FREE! Mail Order support credit calculator, Recaptcha, custom forms and can be inserted in every joomla component (include Virtuemart, Mosets Tree, K2 and more).

Mail order is a simple, but smart plugin for Joomla. With this plugin your customers order directly from the product page (an article describing the product).

Users click on “Order” button and order form will displayed. After filling of fields and sending form you will receive e-mail address, details of order and link to the product page (the page from which the order was made).

Administrator receives the message contains: name, address, phone, e-mail, product name, link to the product page and amount of products which the client wants and other fields-you can create many fileds in form. You can configure more than one order forms pointing to different articles at one page and every form can be different.

Using its INI files built-in config system, the new version allows the mailorder plugin easily to be set and can be used absolutely everywhere, in every component you wish. If the component itself does not invoke content plugins, or you have the Joomla cache enabled, the included plg_invoker system plugin will do the trick for you. The site owner is now able to point which entities should or should not be affected by the plugin, based on an URL parameter and comma separated list of values!

– You can switch look of order form between highslide and modal box
– You can add Recaptcha
– You can have unlimited texts in content items, like “Buy now”, “Order” or any other text constants that you have create in language files.
– You can create custom templates for order forms and have different template in every form. In this way you can create different forms for different types of products and you can have unlimited number of different forms on one page.
– You can configure to be required or not for every custom field in order form.
– Notification to user and Option to control text of notification in email from admin panel.
– Possibility to order multiple products from one page.
– Possibility to have many custom forms in one page.
– You can change “Order now” button position.
– You can change “Order now” button visual appearance and text.
– You can turn on credit calculator.
– You can change leasing scheme in credit calculator.
– You can activate mailorder in other components.

Options in Administration of Mail Order Pro:
Email of admin
Height of modal box
Width of modal box
Info text – your Description of orders.
Recaptcha – On/Off, style and keys

Templates and custom fields in forms are configured in plain text template files. Credit calculator and other options are configured from plain text ini fles. Are included Guides and template files for com_content, K2 and Virtuemart.

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