MailPro Newsletter Subscription

October 21st, 2012

MailPro is an emailing solutions to make beautiful campaigns.

This plugin help you to connect Mailpro to your website, you can include a form then your visitors can subscribe directly to your newsletter.

Module uses MailPro API to list and choose AddressBooks that you have created at your MailPro Account.

At the module backend you can easily choose your MailPro AddressBook and customize your form fields easily.

Easy to use and configure via module parameters without pain.

For creating an absolute newsletter solution for all your Joomla Websites follow this steps:

1. Create your free MailPro Account.
2. Install Mail Pro Module
3. Configure via module parameters easily
4. Publish it at any Module Positions

You can show

Only Email Field or if you want up to 25 fields with email field!

That is it!

Check Demo Page, it is with 4 required fields but you can set more fields or just email field!

Enjoy our free module!!!!