MailUp Manager!

February 1st, 2013

MailUp Manager!This extension allows subscriptions to MailUp newsletters through a Joomla! powered website.
A signup module can be added in home page and subscriber can choose among a set of newsletters (MailUp lists) that are selected by website administrator.
Administrator can select names to be displayed for lists and groups (a list can contain one or more groups) and choose which can be enabled.
You don’t need to be a Joomla! user to subscribe MailUp newsletters, but Joomla! users can also update their subscription by managing their profile.
This extension also performs two-way synchronization with MailUp by handling feedback URLs that are called by MailUp when recipients subscribe, unsubscribe or change their profile.

MailUp is an email marketing solution, used by thousands of companies around the world to send targeted email and texts, and run social media campaigns. It can be used not only for traditional email marketing, but also to run sophisticated campaigns such as those involving dynamic content and automated, triggered messages.