Managing eCommerce Blog answers ‘Why Magento?’

December 19th, 2009

Over at Managing eCommerce there is a great series titled Why Magento? which gives great, real world and practical insight into how a online merchant goes about making the decision to move to Magento. Some of the key points covered in the post entitled Migrating to Magento Against Critical Reviews helps shed good light on some of the most common concerns people have when evaluating Magento.

For example, as referenced in Managing eCommerce, Magento’s “ever expanding and rich feature set” include tools for promotion management and support for multi-store retailing out of the box.

Magento also has unprecedented flexibility with over 1,500 modules available by the Magento team as well as third party developers through Magento Connect. The Magento model is very cost effective for anyone looking to tailor Magento to their specific needs and still save time on what would otherwise often take months of customization work.

Finally, when it comes to pricing, if you’re considering Magento Enterprise Edition and were questioning the value which Enterprise Edition provides, whether a subscription model will work well for you and what the real benefits of “Enterprise Open Source” are, Managing eCommerce mentions that Magento’s flexibility and extendability coupled with the ease of integrating other modules, put Magento a cut above the rest.

While not always the case, closed proprietary development is inherent with most commercial-only (non-open-source) software, regardless of its licensing model. In plain terms: Pairing open-source with enterprise makes Magento an orange stuck in a comparison with apples!

You can read more of the article here and read the rest of the posts which include How Magento Was Easier To Decide on than GSI, ATG and Fry and Selecting Magento Over Novator, BroadVision & Prosodie for Enterprise E-commerce.