August 13th, 2013

MantaJ!MantaJ! is a component that allows the user (person/library/corporate body) to build a digital historical archive using Joomla!. The archival holdings description can be inserted in the Back-End following the Intenational ICA standard (ISAD,ISAAR,ISDIAH,ISDF) and using several additional fields that will fit most of the archival needs (eventually MantaJ! can be used for handling current archives also).
MantaJ! includes the Sigplus plugin that handles the thumbnail image of the described unit (file/serie/fund) inside the element view plus the corresponding gallery or single image, within a nice js popup box; the Sigplus module for images publishing; the Mantatree tree view module to build hierarchical menu that reflect the archive structure.
MantaJ! is equipped with english and italian translations, and each field is described by a tooltip in both languages.
The available Front-End views (BOTH single view and collection list) associated to the Joomla! menu items are the following:
– Creators
– Holders
– Elements
– Function
– Categories
– Bibliography

Empty fields are not shown by default and, for the first four standard views, the user can decide which combination of fields must be shown.

The integration into Joomla! makes possibile to build full operational archivistic web-sites, following the international standard ICA rules and with a large variety of templates and customization.