Map Locations

November 14th, 2013

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Map Locations is the simplest way to show Google Maps on your site. Provides the new Google Maps design, multiple maps, custom markers and a great usable user interface. Our goal is to provide the functionality you need and show just the right amount of configuration: simplicity at its best!

Add places from our modern admin interface, and show them on the front side Google map, with links lead to the place details.

You can then place the map in the site, either in a single page using the map component, or in another page, using the map module shipped with the extension.

You can customize the markers image, have a different image on every map, and the size of the clusters generated when the map contains a lot of points.

Examples of what can it be used for:

– Show a map of your position in a module
– Show a list of cities where your business has an office
– Show a list of places your football team will play in
– Map anything
– Let your customers see where your stores are located
– Show where you’ve been