Maps and Itineraries for JEvents

November 20th, 2013

This module will display a map of the upcoming jEvents events. It will adapt to the page where it is published, for example if you publish the module on a month view page, it will only display events for that month, same for years, days, category views etc… Each event marker infowindow will show Event summary start and end date and time, location and event category. It will also show a Geo QRCode to let visitors easily send the location to their smart phone, and a button to instantly show the itinereary on the map between viewers HTML5 location and Event’s location. The map, markers, layout and style are customizable.

This module comes with a little jevents plugin to translate the event location into coordinates when saving an event (addition or edition) and another admin module to batch geocode older entries to make sure every entry gets added to maps.