February 28th, 2013

Marchip is a Joomla! Component. With Marchip, you can:
– Survey:
+ Optimize editor interface.
+ Manage, analyse survey result
+ Filter & survey by country
+ Integrated social tools, email (Yahoo, Gmail).
+ Get list email from user, inviter…
+ Progress bar
+ Support multimedia in a quesion (Image,audio & video)
+ Protect result by reCaptcha
+ Detect and show error at the same time
– Email:
+ Send multiple emails.
+ Progress bar
+ CronJob
+ Resume, stop and start campain
+ Editor for send mail are easy
+ Count email readed and it’s source
+ Edit, post, get template from mailchimp
+ Edit, add template for email, survey and reffer.
– Contact:
+ Manage user
+ Category by group
+ Add/Remove and edit user used AJAX (fast)
+ Get list user from mailchimp and save.