Marco’s Extended Debug

November 2nd, 2013

Marco's Extended DebugMarco’s Extended Debug is a partial rewrite of the base System – Debug plugin distributed with Joomla!.
It extends the basic functionality by adding other information such as the dump of GPC variables (GET, POST, cookies), the dump of the session variable, but, above all, adds the ability to limit sending debug information to specific IPs or networks, so you can use it on production machines.

It can also send debug info to: front end only, back end only or to both interfaces.

From version 2.6 Marco’s Extended Debug can also log PHP errors, this avoid that php error messages break page layout or block jscript, ajax or jquery. You can also set how many error log: this avoid ‘infinite’ html page if the error is in a loop!

* Can limit output to single IPs like or entire networks like or combine values
* Dumps requests in $_POST, $_GET, $_COOKIES
* Dumps remote client info (IP, referres, method)
* Add specific css classes and IDs for better reading (add also css file)
* Log php errors (v2.6+)

It’s a developers’ plugin.


* Version 2.6 (Nov 2nd, 2013) Joomla! 2.5 release
PHP Error Logging

* Version 2.5.1 (Sep 26th, 2013) Joomla! 2.5 release
Side selection
Disable CPG

* Version 2.5.0 (Sep 25th, 2013) release Joomla! 2.5

* Version 1.5.1 (Sep 5th, 2010) first release Joomla! 1.5