Master Slider Rotator

October 11th, 2013

Master Slider RotatorWelcome to Master Slider Rotator! A highly customizable Joomla!® Module , perfect for displaying images,swfs,youtube videos and flv videos. It can be used like a header or in any position of your website.


Suport for images( jpg,png,gif etc), swf files ,flv videos.
Banner Width & Height.
Slide by Slide Width and Height for media dimensions.Note that if you will insert a swf file you must set slide dimensions to fit the swf dimensions.
Border for the image based Slides. You can choose the Border Thickness.
Banner Buttons Show/Hide Option.
Slides Descriptions Show/Hide Option.
Overlay net for every media slide . Show/Hide Option.
Zoom for image based Slides. ON/Off Option.
Video player for flv videos (options: play/pause,full screen,audio volume).
You can choose to block full screen button.
You can choose to block any of the Slides.
Text font size and color for the Title and Description of the Slides.
This module contains 10 (ten) predefined slides (to add more slides please contact support team).