November 26th, 2013

MatukioMatukio is a powerful event managing (seminar management) and booking System for Joomla, that was build on the base of the awesome Seminar for Joomla 1.5 extension by Dirk Vollmar. Unfortunately it seemed that Dirk was not interested in developing the extension further and we took on the task on fully rewriting and enhancing it with new features for Joomla 2.5 & 3.1.

Matukio offers a bunch of features to easily manage your events, fitting both small and big event organizers. It supports multiple categories, offers full ACL support, payment and places management, various export options, frontend and backend event management!

Matukio features different views to present your events: events list, upcoming events, calendar view, feeds and many more. Additionally it comes with awesome detailed event-, organizer- and location-pages.

Matukio comes with an advanced and 100% customizable booking system including various payment system integrations and payment processing. You can easily customize every field in the bookingform, add new ones and offer different fees!

Features at a glance:
* Create and manage events from your Joomla backend and frontend
* Support for webinars
* Add event images and files, support for multi picture
* Frontend management of participants and events for organizers
* Custom registration and booking forms
* Advanced event and accounting management
* PayPal integration and payment management (including cash, banktransfer, invoice and many more etc.)
* Coupon system (percent or cash value)
* Extensive statistics, including modern charts
* Participant certification system
* Completly customizable booking form, easily adjusting to your needs
* 100 % dynamic booking form
* Easily create new fields (like text inputs, selects, radios, checkboxes etc.) in the backend without any programming knowledge
* Set up different fees (discounts and surchange) including support for date ranges!
* Edit / cancel booking for booked participants
* Book multiple places including multiple ticket types at once!
* Customizable booking, cancel booking Emails generated on your template!
* Auto-generated tickets
* Print and export bookings, including barcodes and QR-Codes
* List of signatures, export to CSV, and more
* Number of available seats, and possibility to book on waiting list
* Integrated Google maps API Version 3
* Event rating & participant certification (based on your predefinded layout!)
* Organizer pages (presentation, photos and more)
* Search-Engine-friendly URLs
* Mobile version for smartphones
* Registration and login system
* Informative detail views of your events (view demo)
* Apple iCalendar ready (ICS Download)
* Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.)
* Print and export eventlists, including barcodes and QR-Codes

Developed by compojoom