Menu Styles

December 9th, 2011

Menu StylesAre you tired of trying but can’t get your Joomla menus right? Here’s a quick, effective and 100% validated menu module that will make creating menus as easy as a-b-c. It offers several different menu styles through a single module.

You can quickly set it to work with your standard Joomla menus. The menus supports several designs easily implemented on headers, sidebars or even footers. You just need to select your favorite style at a single click from the backend parameters.

Bidirectional Support and off-Boundary detection:
You can easily and quickly select your chosen style for the Menu by just switching a radio button from the backend. The menu maintains proper hierarchy and check whens the items of the menu may go off the screen at the end. When it does, it automatically changes the direction of the flow quickly to remain usable.

Optimised HTML, CSS, and jQuery:
Menu Styles confirms to stringent coding standards to score better on search engines. The CSS is scalable to support more design styles to match your template theme. You can easily write your own rules to style the drop menu with colors and background images to your taste through CSS rules! The menu is ‘made with jQuery’ using cached selectors and optimised javascript.

Major Browser Supports:
Firefox, IE7+, Chrome, Safari, and Opera