MercadoPago Payment For redSHOP

September 11th, 2013

MercadoPago Payment For redSHOPMercadopago Payment Plugin With IPN 2.0 And Checkout API For redShop

Currently MercadoPago Payment For redSHOP supported countries:

Install Instructions:
1_Make shure you have latest redSHOP version, tested with redSHOP 1.2
2_Get Client ID and Client Secret from MercadoPago (Option ‘Obtener mis credenciales’)
3_Install MercadoPago for redShop plugin using joomla installer
4_Publish plugin in joomla plugin manager
5_Edit plugin and configure it as you wish
6_Click Apply or Save

IPN Instructions:
To be able to use the IPN functionality, you need to configure the notificacion URL in MercadoPago, to do so, follow this simple steps:

* Check if your Joomla installation is in the web root of your domain or in a subfolder
* If you have Joomla 2.5 in root folder, your URL may be
* If you have Joomla 2.5 in sub folder, your URL may be

After you have determined wich is your correct notificacion URL, click here and go to option ‘Configura la URL para recibir las notificaciones’ to add your notificacion URL.

Release History
1.5.1: Compatibility fix for RS

1.5.0: First Release.